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Handel House is an independent museum with charity status and we work closely with other galleries, museums and private collectors to help tell our story of Handel through a collection of Georgian paintings and furniture. We would like to thank English Heritage, The Gerald Coke Collection, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Collection, Tate Britain and the V&A for their long term loans. There are many other public and private lenders who make temporary loans for regularly changing exhibitions. We are also extremely grateful to all the individuals, trusts and foundations who help fund the museum, this is particularly important as Handel House does not currently receive any public subsidy. Other vital partners with whom we collaborate regularly are the RNIB, the London Handel Festival, the British Harpsichord Society and the Foundling Museum.  

The Handel House Trust Ltd


Christopher Purvis CBE


Sarah Bardwell
Rosamund Bernays
Robin Broadhurst 
Laurence Cummings
Mary Deissler
Rob Dickins
Adrian Frost

Austen Issard-Davies
Michael Ridley
Alistair Stranack (Chairman)
Simon Weil
Sue Wilkinson

Museum Mentor

Tessa Murdoch


Sarah Bardwell, Director
Alys Cundy, Administrator
Claire Davies, Learning and Events Officer
Carly Lawrence, Volunteer Supervisor
Elizabeth Nicholson, Development Manager
Ella Roberts, Communications Officer
Simona Tocco, Buildings and Facilities Manager
Martin Wyatt, Deputy Director

The Handel House Trust Ltd

The Handel House Museum
25 Brook Street
London W1K 4HB

Tel: +44 (0)20 7495 1685
Fax: +44 (0)20 7495 1759
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