A Sinfony for a King

Thursday 17 July, 6.30-7.30pm

This concert is now Sold Out

Anciennes et Modernes

Maya Enokida (baroque violin)
John Bowker (baroque violin)
Corrina Connor (baroque cello)
Nathaniel Mander (harpsichord)


‘William Boyce, one of the Composers of our Chapels Royal, hath humbly represented unto Us, that he hath with great Study, Labour and Expence, composed several Works, consisting of Vocal and Instrumental Musick, in order to be printed and published, and hath therefore humbly besought Us, to grant him Our Royal Privilege and Licence […]: We being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature, are graciously pleased to condescend to his Request’. Preface to William Boyce’s Opus 1

Performing and composing for the English Crown was one of the greatest honours for any eighteenth-century musician. Revered craftsmen from around Europe, with Boyce among them, were admitted into an elite, private troupe known as the King’s Musick – an establishment still in existence today, and one that enjoyed decades of artistic prosperity during and after George I’s reign. Handel, who had occupied the role of Kapellmeister at Hanover since 1710, understandably became the vanguard of royal musicians during the advent of the Georgian era; but alongside Europe’s most infamous composer worked a distinguished exhibition of music authorities. From imperial violinist William Babell to the prodigious John Stanley, join Anciennes et modernes for a sovereign evening of chamber works authored for the Georgian kings: music suitably replete with airs and graces, dances, improvisation, and even the occasional march!

This concert is part of Hanover Rules! celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Hanoverian Succession.


Trio Sonata in D major, Op.5 no.2, HWV 397

Cello Sonata in A minor

Sonata V for violin and basso continuo in G major

Trio Sonata in G minor, Op.1 no.4

CPE Bach
Keyboard Sonata in A minor, Wq.49 no.1 

John Stanley
Solo for violin and basso continuo in D major, Op.1 no.4

Sinfonia in B flat major, HWV 339


£9, £5 students


Booking line: +44(0)20 7399 1953
Friends booking: Monday 17 March, 10am
Public booking: Monday 31 March, 10am