Bowing before the King

Thursday 7 August, 6.30-7.30pm

Due Corde 

Anne Marie Chrstensen (violin)
Amélie Addison (cello)


Throughout his career in London Handel worked with the most eminent violinists of the time, many of whom had musical and commercial connections with the royal court. The most famous of these is Francesco Geminiani, who, when called to perform for the King in 1715, stated that the only suitable accompanist would be Handel. Less well-known is the violinist with a secondary career as the royal wine merchant...

The concert is built around Geminiani's Opus 1 Sonatas, which the king would have heard performed by these two celebrated musicians. These are complemented by works of other violinists who collaborated with Handel, such as Castrucci, Carbonelli and Festing. This programme of sonatas also allows us to explore the warm sonorities and clear textures made possible by accompanying the violin with cello alone, as an alternative to harpsichord; a practice known to have been adopted by some of the greatest performers in the Corellian tradition, and particularly suited to an intimate Rehearsal and Performance Room.

This concert is part of Hanover Rules! celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Hanoverian Succession.


Sonata in A major, Op.1 no.1

Sonata in D minor, Op.1 no.7

Sonata in D minor, Op.1 no.2

Sonata Op.8 no.1

Sonata in D major, Op.1 no.4


£9, £5 students


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