Telemann Romances the French

Thursday 28 August, 6.30-7.30pm

This concert is now sold out


Laura Piras (baroque flute)
Julia Kuhn (baroque violin)
Liam Byrne (viola da gamba)
Tom Foster (Harpsichord) 


The first set of Quartets, originally published in Hamburg in 1730 were so popular in Paris that it was suggested to Telemann they should be republished there in 1738 under the name ‘Paris Quartets’. Telemann, keen to keep his name on the lips of Parisians, followed the advice and subsequently wrote a second set. He sealed the deal by giving the movements French names.

The measure of Telemann’s success in Paris, partly due to the Paris Quartets, can be seen by the big name performers of his day who he attracted to perform the works - Blavet (flute), Guignon (violin), Forqueray the Younger (gamba) and Edouard (cello).

The concert will feature two Quartets from the second set. Also a quartet for the same instrumentation by Louis Gabriel Guillemain titled Sonates en quatuors ou conversations galantes et amusantes entre une Flute Traversiere, un Violon, une Basse de Viole et la Basse Continue. A native of Paris, Guillemain enjoyed a successful career in Paris at the same time, progressing from musicien ordinaire to the King in 1737 to one of the highest paid musicians in the court by 1740. Guillemain would no doubt have been inspired to write for this wonderful combination of instruments by the success of Telemann’s Quartets.

In contrast, Telemann’s Solo Sonata for Viola da Gamba shows Telemann’s German style of composition.


Paris Quartet in D Major, TWV 43:D3

Sonata in D Minor, Op.12 no.3

Solo Sonata for Viola da Gamba, TWV 40:1
Paris Quartet in E Minor, TWV 43:e2


£9, £5 students


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Friends booking: Monday 17 March, 10am
Public booking: Monday 31 March, 10am